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Version 2.5 new!

KoolClip User Manual

  • Item Locking: Ability to keep certain important items persistant in KoolClip history.
  • Instant Google: Search any item from KoolClip in Google instantly (default hotkey ^⌘G).
  • Fixed a bug that caused KoolClip to crash sometimes at load time.

    Version 2.3

    Fixes and enhancements based on feedback from users.

  • Saving entries across reboot - bug fixed
  • Better interaction with MS Office applications
  • Access via menu is easier and quicker
  • Crashing when clearing the history - bug fixed

    Version 2.1

    The same crisp interface, now powered with lot more features.

  • Store any number of items in the history.
  • Complete support for Unicode, graphics, RTF etc.
  • Save clipboard across reboots.
  • Quick access to the history using hotkeys or via menu bar.
  • QuickSearch clipboard history with just a few keystrokes.
  • Optionally Preview URLs.
  • Optionally Search URL pages from the history.
  • Every aspect of KoolClip is now completely customizable with a very intuitive interface:
       - icons to display in the menubar
       - color, transparency, size and position of the flash window
       - Hotkey assignment
       - URL preview and HTML search

    Version 0.2

  • Reduced icon size in the menu bar
  • Optionally displays selected item number in menu bar
  • Increased history size

    Version 0.1

  • Stores upto 20 clipboard items
  • Freeze a specific item
  • Rapid navigation in the clipboard history
  • Preview of selected item
  • Screenshots

    screen shot1

    QuickSearch Feature

    screen shot2

    Customize almost everything!

    screen shot3

    Hot hot hotkeys!

    screen shot4

    Preview HTML pages!


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